Read Before You Buy…

Dear Customer,

We Mussic Lovers are in the field of Sales & Purchase of rare & vintage audio and have a base of satisfied customers across the country. We have a good reputation and satisfactory service to earn the trust from our valuable customers.

We are fully aware of your love & affection for the rare & vintage audio that we provide. It is your wish to possess these vintage audio and many a times the orders are over the phone and website, hence you order without physically checking the goods.  The goods that are available are already used goods and we take each and every care to make them perfect & workable. But we are neither the manufacturers nor the first user, hence it is impossible to give any warranty or guarantee of the said goods.

And despite of good and careful packaging and unfortunately if there is any damage due to handling we are not responsible for it. That is the reason to suggest the following.

Come and physically check the goods

Take a firsthand trial of the quality and condition of the goods

Go for a personal hand delivery after your verification and satisfaction

To avoid complications and further misunderstanding, it is now our policy to specify certain
terms that will be binding for the purchaser.

Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged under any circumstances.
No guarantee against any damages during shipping.
No guarantee for any spare parts or cosmetic quality of the said good.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to them.

NOTE: The purchase process will not begin without the OK or agreed message on
SMS / Whatsapp ( +91 9860880190 ) Or by e-mail ( )

Regards- mussiclovers