Legends are forever

Legends are forever

Old things are not only rare but the nostalgia woven around them tinkles the chords of memory and we talk and talk about those bygone eras. Yes now let us talk by the two precious memories of the past and their velvet contribution vintage.

The first is Begum Akhtar – the greatest exponent of thumari & khyaal also known as Mallika-e-Ghazal (Queen of Ghazal). Her supreme artistry in light classical music had its moorings in the tradition of pure classicism. She chose her repertoire in primarily classical modes: a variety of raags, ranging from simple to complex and even today the soulful ghazals by are a part of the great Indian music legacy.

The second great person is one of the greatest composers C. Ramchandra, who gave a new dimension to Indian film music.

Aana meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday from Shehnai created a history and this song even today is a great hit. The influence of western music and its apt Indianization by C Ramchandra was later followed by many composers. The year 2017 is celebrated as the birth centenary year of C. Ramchandra.

Even today C. Ramchandra is unmatched and incomparable…

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